Polygon MATIC Price Surges 16%: Trading Volume Reaches $1.19 Billion

  • 28. January 2023 at 10:16

• Polygon MATIC price surged 16% in the past week, reaching a 48% surge since late December last year.
• The token is currently valued at $1.09 after an upsurge in daily transactions, making it the second-largest for DAUs, beating ethereum (ETH) and solana (SOL).
• The increase in daily active users was fostered by recent partnerships and launches such as the most recent one with Ovix Protocol.

The cryptocurrency token Polygon MATIC has been making waves in the market lately, with its price surging by 16% in the past week alone. The token has seen an impressive 48% increase in value since late December last year, making it one of the top performing tokens in the market. Currently, the token is valued at $1.09 after an upsurge in daily transactions which puts it in second place for DAUs, beating out both ethereum (ETH) and solana (SOL).

The recent surge of MATIC is attributed to the various partnerships and launches that the token has been involved in. These include partnerships with DeFi Native projects such as GainsNetwork_io and Giddy DeFi, as well as a recent AMA with Ovix Protocol. The AMA explored 2023’s largest DeFi natives, LSD, and zero-knowledge EVM (zk-EVM).

The increase in daily active users of the token was also seen in the wake of a large crypto whale selling MATIC tokens worth $7.7 billion on 8 January. Despite the large sale, tokens worth $23.7 million are still held in the address. This is a sign of still strong investor confidence in the token, and in the future of the cryptocurrency market in general.

In addition to its partnerships and launches, Polygon MATIC has also seen a surge in trading volume, with its market cap now standing at $9.4 billion and its trading volume at $1.19 billion. This surge in trading volume is a sign of increasing investor confidence in the token, as well as its potential to continue to grow in the coming years.

With the cryptocurrency market still in a bear market, Polygon MATIC is proving to be a resilient token. As more people become interested in MATIC and its potential, it is likely that the token will continue to see a surge in value in the coming months. With its partnerships and launches, as well as its strong investor confidence, it is clear that Polygon MATIC is one of the top tokens in the cryptocurrency market.